Lots of post production work to be done. Thousands of images and only so many hours in a day...
I'm working through the weekend and hope to have my client's images ready next week prior to leaving for the Pentecost Walk project.

Seven weeks on the road is a daunting prospect... But I'm really excited! My wife generously "donated" her new Macbook Pro for me to use while I'm gone. Went ahead and got a Pelican 1495 case to keep it safe and sound during the journey.

Didn't get much sleep last night due to gunshots being fired about a mile from my home studio. I was listening to the online police scanner and could tell that police were searching for the shooter but the scanner stopped broadcasting during the search. Talk about making it tough to sleep! lol From what I can learn, it sounds like someone walking down a sidewalk just shot a few rounds into the air and then shot a car. Who does that?!?!?

Well back to editing, album creation, curation, and making previews. It's so nice is Seattle right now! I wish being a photographer meant you got to spend more time outside shooting rather in front of a computer screen.