When I was four I got my first pair of glasses. I learned early on that even what your eyes show you is both subjective and a matter of perspective. I started shooting as soon as I could point and click the old Kodak disposable cameras my parents gave me each year for my birthday and have not stopped yet!  Fortunately for my family not many of my images prior to the late 1990's have survived.  It wasn't until early in the year 2000 that I began digitally cataloging my photos.

After losing my film Nikon N60 to a freak candle accident in 2005, I took a break from what had been primarily travel photography until I could afford new gear. I started shooting again in 2008 with a Canon G9 and purchased my first DSLR December 22nd 2008.

From that point forward I was hooked! I took at least 1,500 every month in 2009 and it's only gotten better since then. My wife and I started "Rogers Global Photography" in 2011 to market and sell our landscape images.

June 2012 I left a lucrative seven year career in the telecommunications industry to follow my dream. Focusing on photography and videography couldn't be more rewarding. During my first two months really "in business," I had the opportunity to do aerial photography, newborns, kids, couples, weddings, pets, landscapes, astro photography, models, small businesses and products.

September 2012 - I've embarked on my most ambitious project to date as I document the journey of a missionary visiting 50 State Capitals plus DC inside six weeks!