Today there was a live chat with Secretary Sally Jewell and unfortunately our question wasn't addressed.

The Short Version:

"The DOI policy on “commercial filming” is unclear to many.  Artistic entrepreneurs are fearful that uploading phone video footage to YouTube would be illegal. Would you consider revising the policy?"

The Full Question:

Madam Secretary,

"In 2008, a new policy was adopted to collect fees for any commercial filming on all lands in your jurisdiction.  In a social media-inundated climate like today's, small business owners and artists are afraid to hit the record button on their phones, small cameras, and cameras they normally shoot still photography with. Under the current policy it is unclear whether or not "commercial use" would include uploading home videos to social media outlets or promoting one's own art. Young people in particular are looking for creative outlets to share their work and connect with our nation's beauty. Would you consider revising the current blanket regulation to exempt avid outdoor enthusiasts like myself in the future?"

It's too bad, because there was definitely an opportunity.  But I can understand how after only one week on the job she's got bigger fish to fry.  We'll keep asking and we're not going away.